What is our Mission?

We exist to advocate for positive social change in the world by encouraging passion and connecting people, both those seeking to serve and those skeptical of their ability to make an impact, with organizations already established on the frontlines, both locally and internationally.

We believe that everyone deserves basic fundamental human rights and are encouraged to see so many people working to ensure this reality around the world. Through a partnership with you and those organizations, we hope to see the global impact of your passions grow.

We recognize that there has been pain and oppression perpetuated by the Church, but we stand with those uplifting the name of the Lord, living through love and faith, and impacting the world through their service. Though inefficiencies oftentimes exist in the way that missions or social work are approached, the organizations highlighted through the Ecclesia Project are working against this perception in focusing on how to best use resources provided to them.

Ecclesia is the  Greek word used for an assembly or gathering, not one that is attached to any particular denomination or group, but one that acts as a forum meant to promote discussion, make decisions, and bring people to a common space.

We have experienced the Lord operating in diverse ways in diverse places around the world. We advocate for a unified strength locally and globally. We believe that we are created to thrive in a world determined to divide. We are better together and want to be involved with that fight, any way we can.