What is the Ecclesia Project?


Dear reader, 

Whatever the reason you find yourself on this page, whether you found us through a friend, web search, or random chance, we’re glad you’re here. 

Not too long ago, on a transatlantic phone call, a couple of us realized that we’d both struggled with the reality of pain, suffering, and the role of the Church in that conversation. We do not claim to have any answers, but we do want to be a part of the dialogue. This space is one of openness, questioning, frustrations, kindness, peace, hope, and love. 

Through highlighting organizations working on the frontlines to provide aid and support for those in need, we hope to connect your passions with job possibilities, your skepticism with fact, and any apathy you’re feeling with a call to action. 

In the wake of many devastating natural disasters and threats to humanity, one message should be above all else – hope. The Ecclesia Project seeks to be a part of the process as you find and feel hope. 

Each month, you have the opportunity to join with us as we discover different topics such as poverty, sustainability, and justice. At the start of each month, you’ll get to see an exposé of sorts on the topic. As the month continues, we will be bringing you information from and about non-profit organizations who are actively challenging oppression and darkness through their work. In addition to learning more about these organizations and how you can get involved, we will be conducting interviews to learn more about the world’s perception of ministry, social justice, and non-profit work. 

We long to see the people of the world fed, clothed, and hopeful. We are grateful to cross paths with you as we try to make it there, one step at a time. 

Yours in hope, 

The Ecclesia Project