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While World Vision doesn't just work in the disaster relief side of humanitarian aid, for the purposes of this post, the focus will be on the assistance they have provided in the last few months specifically to disaster victims. 

     According to their website, World Vision adopts a "first in, last out" approach to disaster relief. This means that within the first hours that a disaster strikes, World Vision sends staff members closest to the disaster to assess the severity and need. With this approach, World Vision has responded to 137 major disasters and emergencies globally, assisting 12.2 million affected children and families. 

     On Tuesday, September 19, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck central Mexico, leaving at least 225 people dead. The event carried a certain heavy sorrow as it was the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake in Mexico that killed thousands. This was the second major earthquake that had hit Mexico in a matter of weeks (including the strongest in a century). According to their website, World Vision was working in 12 shelters across Mexico City providing food, water, and medicine. At the time the article was written, World Vision had distributed 3 tons of food, 500 pieces of tools, and 2 electric generators to assist with relief aid. 

     In addition to these provisions, World Vision also works alongside with doctors, psychologists, and other volunteers to monitor and support the physical and emotional needs of the families affected by the earthquake. As with many disaster relief teams, World Vision works diligently and quickly to assess the individual needs of the community in which disaster has struck. 

     A faith-based organization, World Vision "affirms and promotes unity in the Body of Christ" (Learn more here). In an effort to maintain sustainable relationships, they boast of being "responsive in a different sense where deep-seated and often complex economic and social deprivation calls for sustainable, long-term development. [They] maintain the commitments necessary for this to occur." By applying their missions and values in an impressive way, World Vision has helped more than 400 million children in 100 different countries. 

     Looking to get involved? World Vision provides extensive ways to use your various talents to make a difference through their "Get Involved" page, including managing finances, knitting, and more. Consider taking a look and seeing where you can plug in! 

All information and pictures used with permission of World Vision. 



Emma Wright