Action Against Hunger


     Recently, an estimated 400,000 refugees from Myanmar left to seek safety in Bangladesh. Since their September 22 report of this event, Action Against Hunger has been there working to provide aid to refugees throughout the area. Their top priorities have been preventing and treating acute malnutrition (here, acute malnutrition is used to refer to those with a weight-for-height indicator between -3 and -2 standard deviations of the international standard), improving health and care practices for mothers and pregnant women, and delivering safe water, sanitation, and hygiene assistance to refugees and families in host communities.

     This is just a small glimpse into the work that this global organization, which originated in France over 35 years ago, is doing. Additionally, Action Against Hunger works to end world hunger in nearly 50 countries, assisting over 14.7 million people. Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela said of the organization, “Action Against Hunger is in war-torn countries that many fear to tread. They are technical people...that forgo the comforts of modern life to assist local populations and refugees at the most fundamental level in the most dangerous locales.”

     The organization takes a comprehensive approach, working to integrate activities in emergency nutrition, longer-term food security and water, sanitation, and hygiene. They seek to involve the community to develop lasting, community-sustaining solutions. Their financial information is readily available on their website, ensuring the integrity of their work. Not only do they provide food, but they also work to educate the communities in which they are working in order to build resilience and strengthen the local area.

     There are many ways to get involved with Action Against Hunger, including by starting a #Team45 fundraising campaign. Every $45 raised by you, your friends, family, and coworkers goes directly to reaching vulnerable children in need of treatment. They are also always looking for people to spread awareness through social media and school campaigns.

Take a look at Action Against Hunger’s comprehensive website for more information on jobs, internships, and further involvement!

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Emma Wright