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Life: Just add water.

Today’s feature is Drop In The Bucket – this non-profit, like Water to Thrive from our previous post, constructs wells in Africa. This organization focuses on building wells and implementing sanitation systems in schools to, “improve child health, increase school enrollment rates, and promote gender equality. 

            Los Angeles-based organization, Drop In The Bucket has completed more than 300 water and sanitation projects since its inception in 2006. It works specifically with schools and their students, to “eliminate disease, early mortality, and add the ability to go to school rather than fetching water.” In this way, they hope to “untap untold possibilities.” Providing this basic human right is seen as essential to breaking the cycle of poverty throughout the world. Drop In The Bucket believes that every school should have access to clean water and improved sanitation in order “to create an environment that is conducive to health, attendance, and learning.” The lack of water is the basis of so many other issues and barriers. Creating a sustainable environment with a constant water source means improving child health, increasing school enrollment rates, and promoting gender equality.

            According to the organization, education is the most effective way to move a person or community out of poverty, and unfortunately, a major factor in African children dropping out of school is a lack of access to clean water. Most often, the task of fetching water falls to children, particularly girls, who spend hours and hours each day on this necessity. Drop In The Bucket wants to remove the obstacles of these children getting an education, and dig wells directly at the schools. Worldwide, women and children spend 140 million hours a day collecting water. Just imagine how the lives of 750 million people around the world without access to safe would look if those hours could be focused on something other than just basic necessities.

            Many of us don’t give filling up a glass or bottle with water a second thought. These are givens in our lives. By having a sustainable water source available, men and women worldwide have access to the freedom from laborious tasks simply dedicated to surviving.  

            One of the biggest ways to support Drop In The Bucket is through raising awareness – not only about their organization, but also about the global water crisis as a whole. Following them on social media, sharing content, and committing to contribute all help to support and get the word out about their work. There is also a need for students across the country to help by getting their schools involved in fundraising. If this is something you are interested in and willing to do, shoot an email to schools@dropinthebucket.org!

            Over the last 10 years, Drop In The Bucket has had some incredible victories. Certain districts have threatened to close schools down because of the lack of water, sanitation, and toilets. Thanks to the work Drop In The Bucket has done, one of those schools is now the top performing school in it's district, and students there are working hard to create better futures for themselves.  

More examples and information can be found at dropinthebucket.org. Be sure to follow Drop In The Bucket on social media using the links below, and consider sharing about their organization on your own profiles! Have a great weekend, and keep an eye out for new posts!





*All information, links, and photos provided by or through cooperation with Drop In The Bucket.

Emma Wright