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The Ecclesia Project had the opportunity to email with a representative from Water to Thrive – a faith-based organization working to alleviate the water crisis by building clean water wells in Africa.

            Water to Thrive (W2T) works in rural communities in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda. While more than 663 million people worldwide lack access to clean water, roughly a third of these people live just in east Africa. W2T is working to counteract the lack of clean water in this area. Since their founding in 2008, they have built over 750 wells, providing water to over 400,000 people. Their vision is to play a part in creating a world where “[they] share generously to provide health, hope, and water to all.” Their work transforms lives by bringing sustainable, clean water to communities in need by connecting them to social investors, congregations, schools, and community groups with a heart to make a difference.

            Operating from the motto of “God’s work, our hands,” the provision of this basic need is, they feel, one of the biggest ways to show the love of Christ through action – by taking care of “the least of these” (a reference to verses in Matthew 25 of the Bible). Water to Thrive says that while they do not directly evangelize when they are visiting rural villages, the focus is on sharing the love of Jesus through learning their culture, providing clean water, and speaking love whenever they get a chance.           

            While W2T is currently only looking for unpaid interns, their programs are very customizable to the person. They like to open up the opportunity, based on the interns’ skills and desires for the position, for their interns to find a project within W2T that is a good fit. They have recently been looking for extra help in social media planning, web design, and/or program management. If anyone is interested in a position like this based in Austin, Texas – let us know! We can get you connected to the right people!

            One of the best ways to help Water to Thrive - no matter what stage of life you are in - is to start a water project campaign. Each well costs $5,000 to construct and is made possible by your support! Anyone can start their own fundraising campaign through the Water to Thrive website. Donors can give money to your specific campaign with the assurance that every penny donated goes straight to the water project – W2T does not take any money out for operational costs. They have had campaigns started for all types of causes – in memory of loved ones, in place of wedding or birthday gifts, etc. There are many creative ways to fund-raise, and every contribution you make goes to supporting the community of people in rural Africa. When a well is fully funded, W2T maintains communication with their donors in order to report the progress of the well, as well as provide the exact GPS coordinates of the well they’ve funded!

For more information, links are below. Consider starting a campaign with your family, classmates, or colleagues to support Water to Thrive in a real, tangible way. Keep an eye out for future posts for more information about organizations + potential ways for you to partner with them to serve the world.  

Water to Thrive

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*All information, links, and photos provided by or through cooperation with the Water to Thrive Organization.

Emma Wright